About the Wackers

The Wednesday Wackers originally started as a group of 4 or 5 wacky mates getting together for a weekly hit of tennis on a Wednesday night at Latham Park, South Coogee, Sydney, Australia.

The original foundation members were:

  • The Wine Barrel With Feet
  • Swiss Cheese
  • Frog Legs
  • Abs Of Steel
  • Once Was A Legend

The mates couldn’t wait to finish the hit so they could get a few rounds in at the next door bowling club before closing time, due to their advancing ages and commitments the mates found that they could not all be available every week so the Wine Barrel started to invite anyone who could rally decently to join the group, that way he did not get nagged by his fishwife on Wednesday nights at least.

Before long the group grew to 3 courts, then 4, then before long it took over the whole Latham complex of 6 courts and they found they had a waiting list to play so they had to start Wednesday Wacking on Monday nights.

Today the membership stands at 50 willing Wackers all dedicated to the pursuit of over indulgence and spreading the Wacker word across the globe. We have our own uniforms, annual tournaments and social functions, we will soon instigate away trips to the bush to partake in country tennis championships.

To be a Wacker all you need is to be of a reasonable tennis standard, be a good sport and enjoy a beverage or two.