The Wednesday Wackers are a non for profit organisation dedicated to the pursuit of excessiveness to this end the Wednesday Wackers committee have great pleasure in presenting our Wackers constitution for the benefit of all Wackers right across the longitude and latitudes of the globe.

  1. Wackerism is a way of life
  2. Wackerism is defined by the ability to consume and indulge in life ’s excesses
  3. To Wack is to enjoy life
  4. Wacking is an honourable pastime
  5. A Wacker must always place Wacking above all other pleasurable pastimes
  6. Fellow Wackers are held in high esteem
  7. Wackers must greet other fellow Wackers with the Wacker handshake i.e. 3 extended fingers and a cocked back small finger.
  8. A true Wacker would prefer to Wack over watching state of origin football
  9. If state of origin must be watched than all Wackers may gather together to watch it in unison on a big screen in a Wacker friendly environment.
  10. A dedicated Wacker will stay back after the Wackerthon to partake in alcoholic beverages with fellow Wackers.
  11. Wackers will go forth and seek out new Wackers to induct into Wackerism.
  12. A Wacker will always seek to defend the cause of Wackerism from a spouse or partner.
  13. Wackers will emerse themselves into their real Wacker nick names and leave their past lives behind.
  14. A Wacker will always participate in a Wackfest to the best of his abilities.
  15. Wackerism is the exclusive domain of males.
  16. A Wacker will always Wack with good spirit and enjoyment of Wacking.
  17. A Wacker will always welcome Wacking with a fellow Wacker of lesser abilities.
  18. Wednesdays are Wacker days around the world.
  19. Wackers will always attend Wacker function i.e. xmas parties or award nights.
  20. Once a Wacker always a Wacker.